Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Malika: Incoco Nail Polish Applique!

I had seen the company name Malika mentioned a few times on Facebook but didn't know what it was all about until my friend Emma Johnson explained it was a new Direct Selling company launching in the UK. Emma explained that they distributed nail wraps called Incoco Nail Polish Applique and some other beauty products. 

I couldn't wait to try some out so I offered to try a pack out and write this review! My Mummy agreed to be my guinea pig this time because she loves having her nails done!

When they arrived they came as shown below; a flat packet with a transparent window so you can see the patterns before opening them. They looked fabulous from the off! A sparkly, bold red colour; perfect for my Mum's nails over Christmas!

I also loved the fact that on the back of the packaging you get step by step instructions for full nails or French style. Fantastic and easy to understand so I knew straight away what I needed to do. 

When you open the packet I was relieved to see you don't just get 10; one for each nail. There are 8 on each strip which allows for difference in nail size and also gives you some back-ups if it does go wrong (I'm not the neatest person so I thought I might mess up one).

It's a good job Mum's patient because I took lots of pictures along the way for this review! It was really easy. Pull away one of the nail tabs, peel off the backing and literally stick onto the nail. I found that working from the cuticle upwards meant there were no chances of creases or bubbling. It was EASY-PEESY! Using a nail file you file the excess off and round-off/square-off the nail depending on what you like!

The end result, as you can see above, was a full set or red, sparkly, glittery, gorgeous nails and a very happy Mum!

If you are keen to find out more about this fab product you can find them directly by visiting Emma's website www.malikabeauty.com 

OR if you have Facebook you can visit and join her page from this link! https://www.facebook.com/MaximooAllsorts

Emma is very friendly and ever so helpful! There's so many patterns to choose from; I can't wait to choose some more!!

Thank you for reading <3



Friday, December 4, 2015

Winter Skin : My 3 Skin Favourites!

It's cold.
It's mild.
It's dry and windy..
It's wet....
It's snowing....
It's dry and windy again!

No wonder our skin has difficulty coping this time of year! The weather in England becomes even MORE unpredictable and if, like me, you have sensitive skin this can throw our bodies into turmoil! 

Dry skin. Chapped lips. Sore skin. Blisters. Spots. Sound familiar?

I have THREE products here that I think may help others and being BUDGET BUYS they are affordable for every single person that reads this review.


I don't often suffer from chapped lips or cold sores but when I do I prefer to use a product that will help soothe my lips and go with my makeup look! Vaseline is a fantastic product used for allsorts ( it's currently aiding my eyebrow regrowth!!!) and the Rosy Lips pot is perfection! Infused with Rose and Almond oil not only does it soothe dry or chapped lips it offers a beautiful pinkish tint too! Perfect under lipgloss or lipstick as well I really recommend this product. In some supermarkets and drugstores you will find this for as a little as £1.00!

If you have not tried this yet - have a go and let me know what you think!


Face moisturiser is something I particularly struggle with and I think some of you will feel my pain! I found something by NIVEA that has helped soothe my skin and although it says it is a Day moisturiser, I use it both day and night!

Being oil free I find this is a light moisturiser that applies and soaks in easily and effectively. There is no greasy residue left over and I can apply my face primer and makeup more or less straight away!

Another fab find and you can find this at around £3.99 from most drugstores and some supermarkets. 


Last but not least our bodies can suffer a lot from the cold and damp and dry too! I find that my arms and legs in particular suffer some dry patches and this product I have been using for the best part of a year now! I love Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser with Cocoa Butter. It sprays on so lightly and moisturises quickly and effectively. Perfect if you are on the go or have to get ready quickly! Don't get me wrong I love body butters but this is really a FAST and EASY way to moisturise!

The cheapest I have seen this is around £2.99 and can be bought in most supermarkets and drugstores!

Let me know if you try these three and if they work as well for you! Feel free to comment below and suggest other budget products you have tried and have worked well for you! Thank you again for reading and please follow and link me to your blog is you are a writer too! <3

Lots of Love



Thursday, November 26, 2015

I've got it covered!

My skin is horrendous! NO, really! I have combination skin and regular breakouts so I always need to be careful and wary about the make-up products I use. In the last few months I have stuck to using just one brand called Younique which offers MINERAL BASED cosmetics free from harmful chemicals and parabens and NOT tested on animals! Mineral based is better for your skin as it sits on top of your skin rather than sinking and blocking your pores. This alongside their strong ethics was what attracted me to them in the first place!

My skin before make up. Redness and  bumpy spots on my chin, darker areas around my eyes and redness around and on my nose.... I hate it but I have learned to live with it! I wake up and my skins always changing and keeping me on my toes!!!

These results are after I have used Glorious Face and Eye Primer and Touch Liquid Foundation in Scarlet. No concealer, no other make up used at this point! I have tried all kinds of brands and products and not one has given me this coverage so easily and so effectively! The liquid foundation dries to a soft powder finish so my face is left so soft too! Both products are lasting me ages as well, especially the liquid foundation as it has a fantastic 'dropper' applicator and I only use 3 or 4 tiny droplets each time.

The products are also packed with some fab nutrients to help my skin too - 

Primer - 
Ingredients: Isododecane, Dimethicone, Polysilicone-11, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Retinyl Palmitate, Ascorbic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate
Isododecane: carrier for active ingredients, an emollient, and provides a natural aroma.
Dimethicone: skin protectant, emollient, and contains conditioning properties.
Polysilicone-11: film-former and viscosity builder
Coco-Caprylate/Caprate: an emollient derived from coconut oil that leaves the skin conditioned.
Dimethyl Isosorbide: disperses active ingredients.
Ascorbic Acid: contains vitamin C and nutrients, is an antioxidant, and neutralizes.
Tocopheryl Acetate: an antioxidant, moisturizer, and emollient.
Retinyl Palmitate: contains vitamin A, is an antioxidant and skin rejuvinator. Vitamins C, E and A work synergistically.

Foundation - 
Ingredients:Dimethicone, Cyclohexasiloxane,Isododecane, Vinyl Dimethicone/Methicone, Silsesquioxane Crosspolymer, Phenyl Trimethicone, Isohexadecane, Peg-10 Dimethicone, Disteardimonium, Hectorite, Polybutene, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Arylates/Polytrimethylsiloxymethacrylate Copolymer, Cyclopentasiloxane, Talc, Propylene Carbonate, Methicone, Parfum, Alaria Escaulenta Extract, Hydrogen Dimethicone
Cyclopentasiloxane: conditions and provides a silky feel to the skin.
Dimethicone: helps protect the skin and gives a soft, velvety feel.
Titanium Dioxide: is a natural mineral that gives you some color.
Methicone: helps spread the product on the skin.
Isododecane: is an emollient that helps to spread the product on the skin.
Disteardimonium Hectorite: is a natural mineral used as a thickener.
Propylene Carbonate: works to help carry other ingredients.
Vinyl Dimethicone: gives a silky feel and helps to reduce shine.
Methicone Silsesquioxane Crosspolymer: gives a silky feel and helps to reduce shine.
Phenyl Trimethicone: helps to nourish and condition the skin.
Isohexadecane: is an emollient that provides a non-greasy, light, and silky feel to the skin.
PEG-10 Dimethicone: is an emollient that works to help protect the skin.
Iron Oxide (CI 77499-Black): is a mineral that adds color to the product.
Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides: come from coconut and help to enhance spreadibility.
Alaria Esculenta Extract: is derived from brown algae and supports the skin’s cell metabolism.
Talc: is an anticaking agent and absorbent.
Hydrogen Dimethicone: helps protect the skin.
Trimethylsiloxysilicate: conditions the skin and helps the product stay in place once applied.

Two amazing tubes FULL of all these rewarding properties! I love them and will continue to use them! I did finish off my make up look for today and this was the end result, using the products pictured below! I'm quite happy with the result - let me know what you think! 

You can check these out here if you are intrigued!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love

Sarah Scribbles xXx

Can a person change in 6 months?

I have spent a lot of my adulthood thinking I was cursed and destined to struggle through life. Having been in 3 abusive relationships where I have endured violence and emotional abuse, struggled with a miscarriage in 2011 and having had many unsatisfying employment roles I got myself into a deep state of depression and anxiety. I met my soul mate in 2014 and have been in a steady, safe and long term relationship ever since. This really boosted me emotionally but still I felt like I was missing something. Even though at some points in my life I felt like nobody was there for me and nobody cared I had always had a strong desire to help others even when it was at the EXPENSE of my own life. 

There was one piece short of the jigsaw puzzle that is my life and 6 months ago I found it. 

I took a risk and joined the world of Network Marketing. Initially thought it would just be a hobby alongside my full time role. My full time job was something I struggled with daily and it was dragging me down back into that pit I had almost dragged myself out of. I paid £79 to set myself up in a work-from-home business opportunity and in return received a full kit to enable me to promote as well as free training, coaching and a website!

 After two months of making new friends online in Marketing and growing my own reputation and customer base I found myself getting more and more confident every single day. Until one day I quit my job. Just like that. They did not fight to keep me and that was all the confirmation I needed. This was not where I was meant to be.

Then someone joined my team and I got the recruitment buzz. That day I realised that the only thing holding me back was ME. Now, 6 months down the line I run a successful business promoting a gorgeous and ethical range of beauty products online.... with a team of 30 ladies! Some of my ladies treat it as a hobby and earn extra money around their own busy lifestyles! Others are going at this full pelt and are determined to reach the top; something I KNOW they will accomplish! I now only work part time in a shop so all my time free when my partner is working is focused on achieving my GOAL.

I love helping them achieve their goals through coaching, one to one conversations and team talks! I'm there for them all the time.

But it's not just that. I have realised that I can be comfortable in my own skin. My own struggles with my body and how I see myself are slowly melting away and I am actually using what I have been blessed with to help everyone worldwide! I find it cringeworthy when you see clearly photoshopped before and after pictures for miracle products so I took a stand and said NO. With my business you will only ever see HONEST results from HONEST people. You want a review of a product. I'm a blogger so let me try it out for you and show you MY results.

This is NOT intentionally a recruitment advert.You can take this one of two ways. I am just telling the truth. How it is. On my blog. 
MY world has really REALLY changed and as a result so have I! 

IF you are intrigued you can find me on facebook at www.facebook.com/mylashconfession and my website is www.mylashconfession.co.uk

I'm an open book - ask me a question and receive an honest answer! There's too much negativity, hatred and lies in the world for me to add to it. I am just a simple girl wanting to make a very simple difference to the world. 

I also LOVE reading new content so please feel free to comment and leave me your link :)

Thank you for reading

Lots of Love

Sarah Scribbles xXx

Coming up ....... a revealing product review from yours truly! <3

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Miracle Mud Mask!

It's 9pm and I have been wearing my make up for approximately 12 hours! For some women taking their bra off at the end of the day brings relief! For me it's cleansing my face. I have suffered with a rollercoaster of complexion issues since my teen years and I spend most of my spare time exploring new avenues to help clear my complexion. Just recently I discovered an amazing make up brand that helps give me the coverage I need from my make up during the day but I was still searching for something to help clear the spots. 

Through networking on Facebook I discovered another Direct Selling company called Nu Skin! They have been around for many, many years and boast over 200 cosmetic and healthcare products!

So I have been putting one to the test! This product is Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask. You get a 200g tube (around 15 plus applications) for around £28. I hear you say "ooooh expensive" but hear me out because this is where it's about to get interesting....

The mask applies in liquid form and dries to your skin over 15-20 minutes. You can see it literally go to town on your skin, especially in your problem areas! It acts by drawing out the impurities in your skin. So if there is a spot you can literally see the mask act on that spot! 

Weird, gross and amazing!

So how and why does it work? The marine mud itself is deposited in an estuary in British Columbia and the fine clay that it is made up of absorbs dead cells, excess oil and other impurities. You will see this happening as it dries because the mask on problem areas of your skin will change colour!  BIZARRE! 

But that is not even the BEST thing about this product. I have sat here and told you I use it for my face..... but you can use it on your body too! Sometimes I suffer from a miserable pimple or two elsewhere and this is great. Splodge a bit on, wait 15-20 minutes and watch it drag the nasties out!

I use the mask 2-3 times a week and I am seeing a noticeable improvement in my skin. I honestly do not think you will find a drugstore equivalent for a £1 that will work as well!

So..... where or who can you get this wonderful product from?

Sarah's Beauty Bar on Facebook will be able to help! This page is owned by my friend Sarah Alison and she is one of the most lovely and approachable network marketers I have ever had the privilege to meet! If you want more information on this production send her a message and she will be happy to help!

I hope you enjoyed reading today! Feel free to comment below for more info or contact my friend directly on the link above!

Lots of Love



Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Spa at home!

After a long day sometimes the only remedy for me is a long, relaxing soak in the bath followed by a mini pamper session! I love that there are so many products on the market that we can achieve this so easily and at affordable prices too.

One of my favourite all time brands is Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden, whose products can be found in Boots stores all over the UK! Aesthetically, what attracted me to the brand first of all was definitely the packaging! Bright, cheerful and classy these bottles definitely brighten up any bathroom or dresser! I also liked that Boots offered the full sized range and the smaller 'travel sized' option. I used the travel size ones first to test the products out! Saves you money!

So today I want to review the Luxury Bath Float and the Body Butter! The full sized products are only £10 each and I have to say that if you purchased these you would not be disappointed!

The bath float is fragrant but not overpowering and really relaxes both mind and soul! The most noticeable ingredients in this is Fresia flowers and moisturising properties of baobab and vitamin E! You can literally soak for as long as you want and you will still feel moisturised afterwards! It also bubbles up really nicely and you don't need that much each time!

Secondly, the body butter! If you're anything like me I LOVE to use body butter after a bath or a shower. It locks in moisture and can leave your body smelling so gorgeous perfume isn't necessary!! The body butter by Sanctuary Spa has won awards it is that good and I have to say I understand why. The main ingredient is sweet almond oil which is what gives your skin that smoothing, silky texture afterwards. I love how light it is and how quick it melts into the skin. You could definitely use this product in a hurry so there is no excuse not to moisturise! Some body butters out there are very thick, sticky and take ages to soak in and just sit on the skin. I don't think is good for your skin or your pores so look for a product like this that just melts away and leaves skin silky smooth!

Thank you for reading as always and please comment below if you have any good recommendations or if you have tried these products too!

Lots of Love

Sarah Scribbles!


Monday, August 24, 2015

You say potato....I say my secret recipe for homemade wedges!

Hello loyal readers! It's Monday and my week is full of recruiting, promoting, applying and cooking!  I never thought that make up products would change my life!

So to kick start my week I thought I would offer you all a different kind of freebie: A Recipe! A lot of people on Facebook have asked me about my homemade potato wedges and I have to say they are the easiest things to cook in the world! I hope you try them and I really hope you enjoy them!

Sarah's Homemade Potato Wedges!!!


Potatoes ( I use new potatoes mostly)
Olive Oil (2 tbsp)
Oregano (1 tsp)
Smoked Paprika (1 tsp)
Sea Salt (as desired)
Garlic (finely chopped)

Oven set to 180 degrees

Cut your potatoes in half and then into triangular wedges. Pop the oil, oregano, smoked paprika, finely chopped garlic in the bowl and mix.

Toss the potatoes wedges through the mix until all coated.


Pour onto an oven tray and sprinkle as much sea salt as required. I love using Pink Sea Salt!

Pop in the oven for 25-45 minutes and take out once you are happy with their texture!

I love them and you can experiment with the toppings! I know supermarkets sell pre-made mixes but it's more fun to play around with the flavour!