Sunday, July 6, 2014

MOTD : Featuring Loreal and B.

So the products today that I will be reviewing are Loreal's True Match the powder in R1/C1 Rose Ivory (which can be found in Boots for about £9), B. Precise long wearing eyeliner in black 100 (which is in Superdrug at around £6.99) and lastly B. Rich Intense colour lipstick in shade 54 Eton Mess. Apologies for not finding a link for the true match powder. The compact I have is square and includes a mirror. This particular square style may have been discontinued in the last 3/4 weeks!

The lipstick was a free gift I received as a result of spending a certain amount on B products that day (lucky me!), hence why it is so tiny and cute!

I may have mentioned the eyeliner before but it is a product very dear to my heart! The little application brush makes it very easy to apply. It literally just glides onto the eyelid, which makes it very easy to shape the eye liner exactly how you want! I get on a lot better with this than liquid eyeliners and due it to being quite thick it lasts a long time making it true to its name!

The True Match powder by Loreal is quite pale in comparison to other Ivory powders I have used in the past. That may sound strange as Ivory is one of the paler tones for your skin but placing next to my other products I can see a difference. However, it goes on evenly and smoothly and is not as heavy as some powders. This makes a stark contrast when using a bold lipstick and eyeliner!

Here is the finished look! Let me know what you think and as usual thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Lovely look! That lipstick is such a lovely colour - what a bonus at it being free! Usually when I get free lipsticks the colour is not particularly wearable.

    Rachael at