Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Sean : A Centerparcs Wonderland Adventure!

Good evening everyone! My post this evening is dedicated to my boyfriend and soul mate; Sean. It was his birthday on the 12th of December and we spent that week at Centerparcs in Sherwood to celebrate it, winter wonderland style! It was beautifully themed, everywhere you looked the forest was decorated to look like a proper Christmas. Fake snow, Santa's sleigh and even a random Santa Claus to greet all those that were arriving at check in...

...looked a bit dodgy to me!!

When we finally made it to our villa and unloaded the car, I treated Sean to a toast! What other way is there to celebrate our arrival for his birthday treat week!

The whole week was fabulously filled with food, drink, lots of walking and swimming every evening. The subtropical pool is fantastic! There's a large pool which had waves every 30 minutes (everyone ran to the pool when the alarm sounded lol). There was an outside bit and rapids, a cold plunge pool (that I dared Sean to dive into), warm whirpools and lots of water slides. It was a challenge to get increasingly faster down the slide as the week progressed. Well, once I plucked up the courage to go down it!!

Sean seemed to get along quite well with the neighbours and made himself a few friends as the week progressed...

I have to say it was definitely a new experience watching Sean feed a squirrel from his hand. It turns out their favourite nibbles were mince tarts and custard creams!!!!

The reindeers were cute! It was lovely to see them plodding around being lively during the day...

And then all curled up snug at night time...

I think it's fair to say though, the best experience may have been our final meal out! We booked a table early evening Thursday at the American Diner Hucks. The service was fabulous and the food was just perfect! Sean sported his new t-shirt ( a small present from moi ) and was very pleased with himself, especially when the steak arrived...

I was naturally super excited when my nacho cheese wet fries arrived. A massive addiction of mine. Every visit to Meadowhall also includes a visit to the food court to get some of these!!!!

I know it's no longer your birthday and we are now on our countdown to Christmas but....

Happy Birthday Sean, 

I love you

and I hope I made your week special and memorable.

Lots of Love



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