Thursday, November 26, 2015

Can a person change in 6 months?

I have spent a lot of my adulthood thinking I was cursed and destined to struggle through life. Having been in 3 abusive relationships where I have endured violence and emotional abuse, struggled with a miscarriage in 2011 and having had many unsatisfying employment roles I got myself into a deep state of depression and anxiety. I met my soul mate in 2014 and have been in a steady, safe and long term relationship ever since. This really boosted me emotionally but still I felt like I was missing something. Even though at some points in my life I felt like nobody was there for me and nobody cared I had always had a strong desire to help others even when it was at the EXPENSE of my own life. 

There was one piece short of the jigsaw puzzle that is my life and 6 months ago I found it. 

I took a risk and joined the world of Network Marketing. Initially thought it would just be a hobby alongside my full time role. My full time job was something I struggled with daily and it was dragging me down back into that pit I had almost dragged myself out of. I paid £79 to set myself up in a work-from-home business opportunity and in return received a full kit to enable me to promote as well as free training, coaching and a website!

 After two months of making new friends online in Marketing and growing my own reputation and customer base I found myself getting more and more confident every single day. Until one day I quit my job. Just like that. They did not fight to keep me and that was all the confirmation I needed. This was not where I was meant to be.

Then someone joined my team and I got the recruitment buzz. That day I realised that the only thing holding me back was ME. Now, 6 months down the line I run a successful business promoting a gorgeous and ethical range of beauty products online.... with a team of 30 ladies! Some of my ladies treat it as a hobby and earn extra money around their own busy lifestyles! Others are going at this full pelt and are determined to reach the top; something I KNOW they will accomplish! I now only work part time in a shop so all my time free when my partner is working is focused on achieving my GOAL.

I love helping them achieve their goals through coaching, one to one conversations and team talks! I'm there for them all the time.

But it's not just that. I have realised that I can be comfortable in my own skin. My own struggles with my body and how I see myself are slowly melting away and I am actually using what I have been blessed with to help everyone worldwide! I find it cringeworthy when you see clearly photoshopped before and after pictures for miracle products so I took a stand and said NO. With my business you will only ever see HONEST results from HONEST people. You want a review of a product. I'm a blogger so let me try it out for you and show you MY results.

This is NOT intentionally a recruitment advert.You can take this one of two ways. I am just telling the truth. How it is. On my blog. 
MY world has really REALLY changed and as a result so have I! 

IF you are intrigued you can find me on facebook at and my website is

I'm an open book - ask me a question and receive an honest answer! There's too much negativity, hatred and lies in the world for me to add to it. I am just a simple girl wanting to make a very simple difference to the world. 

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Thank you for reading

Lots of Love

Sarah Scribbles xXx

Coming up ....... a revealing product review from yours truly! <3

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