Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Malika: Incoco Nail Polish Applique!

I had seen the company name Malika mentioned a few times on Facebook but didn't know what it was all about until my friend Emma Johnson explained it was a new Direct Selling company launching in the UK. Emma explained that they distributed nail wraps called Incoco Nail Polish Applique and some other beauty products. 

I couldn't wait to try some out so I offered to try a pack out and write this review! My Mummy agreed to be my guinea pig this time because she loves having her nails done!

When they arrived they came as shown below; a flat packet with a transparent window so you can see the patterns before opening them. They looked fabulous from the off! A sparkly, bold red colour; perfect for my Mum's nails over Christmas!

I also loved the fact that on the back of the packaging you get step by step instructions for full nails or French style. Fantastic and easy to understand so I knew straight away what I needed to do. 

When you open the packet I was relieved to see you don't just get 10; one for each nail. There are 8 on each strip which allows for difference in nail size and also gives you some back-ups if it does go wrong (I'm not the neatest person so I thought I might mess up one).

It's a good job Mum's patient because I took lots of pictures along the way for this review! It was really easy. Pull away one of the nail tabs, peel off the backing and literally stick onto the nail. I found that working from the cuticle upwards meant there were no chances of creases or bubbling. It was EASY-PEESY! Using a nail file you file the excess off and round-off/square-off the nail depending on what you like!

The end result, as you can see above, was a full set or red, sparkly, glittery, gorgeous nails and a very happy Mum!

If you are keen to find out more about this fab product you can find them directly by visiting Emma's website www.malikabeauty.com 

OR if you have Facebook you can visit and join her page from this link! https://www.facebook.com/MaximooAllsorts

Emma is very friendly and ever so helpful! There's so many patterns to choose from; I can't wait to choose some more!!

Thank you for reading <3



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