Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hair Product of the week: Hask Keratin Protein Hair Oil!

Happy Sunday ladies! This afternoon after procrastinating far too much over the last few days I decided to review a hair product I have been using for quite some time! It's another bargain, which happened to stare at me at the checkout in Primark. Do you ever get that urge to randomly drop items you do NOT need into your already more-than-full basket when  you start queuing? If it isn't an abundance of multicoloured socks with soft, enticing textures or animal faces on (that, let's face it, nobody needs but they are so freaking cute so yep, they get added too) then it is sweets, lip balms or at the time Hask hair products!

Pictured above is Hask Keratin Protein smoothing shine oil, which is a sweet smelling, light, hair oil. Looking back if I remember rightly this beauty cost me between £1 or £2. 

Now, I live for my hair straighteners. It's got to a point now where my hair only gets a day off when I am not going anywhere (so basically Sunday!). This can take its toll, leaving your hair dry and split. I use this oil about once every 2-3 days and as instructed on the back it can be used on both wet and dry hair. I use it after towel drying usually, before spraying Aussie Leave-in conditioner as well! It is exactly as it says, weightless. I've always avoided hair oil in the past with my hair being so fine; not wanting to weigh it down or make it look greasy. For a bargain product as well it smells gorgeous so no complaints here!

Finally, as a bonus tip, I sometimes feel my hair needs some extra pampering so I will soak the ends in this and leave it in over night, hair pinned back (messy for your pillow so I usually pop a towel around it).

There you have it, Hask Keratin Protein Hair oil. Give it a go and see what you think!

Thank you for reading! 

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