Wednesday, July 2, 2014

High Street fashion. Online rummage required.

I absolutely love shopping! There's nothing like a nice saunter into town, meeting a friend for a spot of lunch and then ploughing through the crowds to grab the latest must-haves! However, if you're anything like me sometimes the monthly budget just won't stretch that far. This is when I refer to my favourite online shopping site everything5pounds to satiate my constant need for new pretties!

This website is fantastic if you have time for a rummage and are very patient. I stress the need to be patient because with them being in such high demand sometimes you will be frustrated to find something you like but NOT your size/preferred colour. I see a lot of 'hate' towards this website on social media and I think some of it is unfair. However, I love the site because each time I go on there it's completely different and who knows what you will find! Later I'll post some pictures up of items I have already purchased and go through sizing and quality! The only thing I find is postage can be quite steep as they use Royal Mail. HOWEVER, who can complain at spending £5 on postage when you've picked out four items of clothing for just £20?! As promised here are a few pictures to show what I bought recently; apologies for the Iphone pictures!
Both dresses fit really well and as a size 12 they got my sizing almost perfect! The dark green skinny jeans are also a perfect fit! Not bad! Thank you for reading!

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