Sunday, August 10, 2014

Eyeko London & Alexa Chung

I am quite excited to be testing out three products by Eyeko London in this week's post and thought that I would start by introducing them this evening before using them tomorrow! As you can see from the picture above the beautiful Alexa Chung works alongside the company in an effort to show her famous cat-eye eyeliner flick look can be achieved very easily!

The Visual Eyes liquid eyeliner in Marine (£15.00) and the Black Magic Drama & Curl Mascara (£18.00) on first glance look like fantastic products! The mascara even comes with a funky Eyeko Shield (which I will admit upon first seeing it in the box thought I had been given a guitar pick!) to help you maximise the length of your lashes without smudges.

The Hydrogel eye patch kit (£15.00 for a set of four patches) also looks quite appealing and as someone that sutffers from that 'baggy-eye' look I am looking forward to seeing if there any visible results after one use.

I am going in with an open mind and hope to achieve a good look with these products. I often find that spending a bit more on make up can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, meaning that more often than not I will revert back to the budget priced products from standard drugstores!

Watch this space...

To be continued...

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