Monday, August 11, 2014

Eyeko : It's fairly conclusive!

As promised here is the concluding part to my review on Eyeko eye products. Firstly the hydrogel eye patches were great! I would happily spend money on these in the future as I found these very gentle on the skin under my eyes whilst making me look more awake and refreshed!

Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with the Black Magic mascara. I have often found that I don't get on with curved mascara wands and this one was no exception. I found the application quite messy even with the tool provided. The mascara was quite clumpy and I found myself using my Little Mix Collection mascara to tidy it up. This is not something I would pay £15 for. However, this is not to say it won't work for someone else; I just did not get on with it!

However, the eyeliner is FABULOUS!!! I cannot sing its praises anymore if I tried. The thin felt tip-like pen makes it so easy to apply and the marine blue colour really brought the colour out in my eyes! I had a feel-pretty day at work and even had a couple of people compliment me! (Always a bonus in my opinion!!) I am very tempted to get back on the website and see what other eyeliners they have! It's the first pen-like one I have tried and I LOVE IT!



  1. The eyeliner looks absolutely amazing. I'll defiantly be interested in having a purchase.

    Alisha x x ||

  2. The eyeliner is fantastic, I use it occasionally when I want my eyes to really stand out. Its a really good pen too for someone like myself who is not well practised in eye liner lines and flicks! :) Did you purchase any in the end or is on your wish list from Santa? :) x