Sunday, September 21, 2014

Body Shop Colour Crush : this may take some time!

So this weekend I took the opportunity to visit Meadowhall in Sheffield with my boyfriend! Albeit having probably the worst cold I have ever experienced, we did have a great time splurging on lots of nice things (shopping haul to come in a later post this week)!!

Body Shop is fantastic in Meadowhall; the staff are friendly and there are lots of products you can 'try before you buy' - much like their other stores! As well as purchasing a body butter and body scrub I felt tempted by the nail polishes in one of their baskets by the counter.

I chose 'Oh, Petal' a delicate pastel shade of pink. At £5 I thought this would be a bargain, however I'm sad to say a little disappointing. After opening it I realised the polish was quite watery in consistency and therefore would probably take a few layers before an even coat was achieved.

After three layers and nearly 45 minutes of drying time in between coats I was disappointed. This is definitely not a varnish to be applied if you're in a rush! Four layers later and I could say I was reasonably happy with my nails, however you could still see lines in the paint which with other varnishes you just don't see!

So although I love and adore this shop and many of their other products (sat here currently smelling of raspberries thanks to their beautiful body butter) I will not be rushing to purchase anymore nail varnishes as they just did not live up to expectation.

A shame, but still a cute colour <3

Thank you for reading girls!


  1. Such a shame because it's such a pretty shade of pink! Still though, great post! Btw, I nominated you to do the Liebster Award :)

  2. It is a gorgeous colour so it was very disappointing! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you, i've had a busy couple of months!