Monday, November 24, 2014

Boots haul : because points mean prizes!

Good evening beauties! It has been a few days, I know. I started my new job last Friday so I am deep in the 'training abyss'. Seriously, any more information soaked up by my brain may cause my head to pop! 

Day two went fabulously and to celebrate my new found happiness I found myself wandering into Boots on the way home to check out their weekly promotions and bargains! You can see they are well on their way to preparing for Christmas; everything is sparkly!

It's almost pay day so to save some much needed pennies I decided to use my Advantage card; there are always points on there and I usually use it to treat myself and others!

So what did I buy.....?

Nail varnish by Miss Sporty! I have read a few posts about these bargain nail polishes and thought it was time to try some out myself! At £1.99 and at the moment on promotional offer of 3 for 2 how could I resist?!

I opted for 3 very different colours and may have done a cheeky little set of swatches for you...

From top to bottom we have : 

Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours in Ferris Wheel (463)
Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours in Tina Sparkle (113)
and finally...
Miss Sporty Lasting Colour (up to 10 days) in Promise the Moon (548)

All 3 colours are really lovely! The coverage is great; Ferris Wheel and Promise the Moon require two coats whilst Tina Sparkle only required the one! 

I also happen to be a sucker for the names brands give nail polish. I think my favourite out of this collection is Promise the Moon! 

I've chosen to wear Tina Sparkle as it is almost December and I really really really want a fantastic Christmas this year!

So.... what do you think?

The pink is really, really light so it lets the shimmer through perfectly. Turning your nails in the light brings out all the colours in the glitter; currently sat here a bit mesmorised...

Sorry! I'm back...

In conclusion beauties I really recommend getting some of these! They would make perfect stocking fillers for young ones practising with their nails or friends of yours that love colour and love sparkle!

Happy shopping and happy blogging girls!




  1. Love the colors you picked up! I need to check out the Miss Sporty stand :)

    1. Thank you for your feedback. :) it is definitely worth a gander :)

      Happy blogging! X