Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Body Butter : Battle of the skin!

Wow this is exciting! This has to be my very first comparison post! The fight is on between two products I absolutely adore!

Contestant number one is Beautifully Scrumptious Body Butter in Vanilla. It comes in a pot, 220ml and is a whole one hundred pence. Yep, a quid. Ridiculous, I hear you say to your screen! Nope, I am no fibber. This can be purchased at present in Poundland. 

To begin with it is thick and creamy in consistency, sinking into the skin easily and leaving no greasy feeling behind. This is important to me in a body butter. I want to feel like I have just moisturised my skin with more intensity than a normal cream but I don't like feeling weighed down by product. However, playing devil's advocate, it also doesn't disappear so quickly I think "Oh. Did I just moisturise? Best use some more just in case!" 

It is well balanced.

Secondly, OMG. The scent is gorgeous. I'm always hesitant with the scent of a 'cheaper' product. Sometimes they just don't last. This does, the scent of vanilla is just....well....

It is divine! One other fantastic piece of news is that on the back of the packaging it clearly states THIS PRODUCT HAS NOT BEEN TESTED ON ANIMALS!

Happy days - not often you find such a golden nugget for a quid. 

Next contestant we have The Body Shop : Early Harvest Raspberry Body Butter. This 200ml pot that costs £13 has a special ingredient; cold-pressed raspberry seed oil. This is a less creamier consistency than the Poundland product; it is much thicker and takes a tiny bit longer to soak into the skin. I cannot complain though, the hydration and moisture it gives your skin (especially if you suffer from dry skin this winter) is perfect. It is also non-greasy when applied.

Now those that will know me or have read my recent Liebster Award post will know I am addicted to fruit in all its forms. This one is no exception; it smells that magnificent I literally want to grab a spoon and dig in...

NB : Scribbles has to tell herself repeatedly. This is NOT a food.

I was really tempted to face plant the tub in this picture ;)

Also a product that is against animal testing (as is all of Body Shop's merchandise) and offers Fair Trade to areas around the world where they obtain their ingredients.


I am, after all, all about a bargain so today I am going to say.....

Drum roll please...!!

Although, hand on heart, I will always be a Body Shop addict I have to give the winning title to the Beautifully Scrumptious Vanilla Body Butter. After all, my blog is about bargains and I am a sucker for a beauty product that only costs my purse a quid!

Poundland have sold me a fantastic product and I really recommend it to any of my readers who love vanilla too!

Thank you for reading beauties!!



  1. I love the body shop and body butters are the best they are such a treat for dry skin!

    1. Me too! I will never ever turn away from them. I'm in there all the time. This post was mainly about grabbing a bargain and at £13.00 some people may feel that their body butter's are too expensive so this was just a comparison really! :)

      happy blogging and I'll check out your blog too! x

  2. ommm i love body buttes!


    1. Fantastic aren't they?! I smelt of vanilla and raspberries all night lol!

      Happy blogging and thank you for sharing your page too! x

  3. I haven't tried either of these products, but they both sound amazing! I'm all for the fruity scents, but the other one would probably win me over with that price. That's fantastic! Great review, Sarah! :)