Tuesday, November 18, 2014

About Me

Hi there! My name is Sarah and I am a passionate beauty and lifestyle blogger from Lincolnshire. I am also a business owner and own My Lash Confession on Facebook and www.mylashconfession.co.uk offering high quality cosmetics free from harmful chemicals and animal cruelty. I aim to spread a message of confidence and empowerment across women globally and have a team of 29 ladies who are doing the same! This team is growing rapidly and the more the merrier! If you love makeup and helping people feel great this could be the opportunity of a lifetime! Send me a message and I will happily provide you with all the facts you need to make an informed decision!

 Self worth and confidence is something I have struggled with for many years due to situations in my past and it is an absolute honour to be part of something so empowering and uplifting for women globally. If you want any further information on how I can make you feel/look even more beautiful than you are just visit www.facebook.com/mylashconfession or go straight to my webpage on www.mylashconfession.co.uk .... why are you waiting....?!

They say practice makes perfect?!

You will find my blog caters for EVERYONE! From the budget end of beauty, fashion and lifestyle to the TOP! Whilst there may be the occasional special post, I feel it is really important to inform my readers of BARGAINS! I love researching so that we can get more for our money and in the present economy I know that is what most of you want! 

I really hope you enjoy reading and will spread the knowledge to those you know.

Many thanks

and happy reading (or blogging if you write too!)

Lots of Love




  1. Welcome to the blogging world!!! I love UK products. Sleek and bourjois are amazing!

    1. Thank you Tammy, that is very kind! Catch you on twitter or instagram! :)

      happy blogging! x