Monday, November 17, 2014

Taylors of Harrogate: A mug of pure, caffeinated heaven; guaranteed!

Good evening coffee lovers! As promised, I decided it was time to write a review for Taylors of Harrogate and their wide selection of ground coffees. They have not asked me to write about them, I just really want to share this with you! 

My boyfriend and I have been enjoying this coffee now for about 4 or 5 weeks after seeing that ASDA were selling them at 2 packs for £5! 

Well all I can say, whilst hugging a warm cup of Cafe Imperial, is to start with what an absolute bargain! I would quite happily spend the £3 or £4 each without the promotional offer. Each one boasts flavours from all over the globe and I think a different experience each time! The one I am sipping now whilst writing this is quite delicate and only strength 3 (can't be on strength 5 or 6 this late; I would never sleep!). The pack describes how it is their most 'treasured coffee, first served in the tea rooms of their sister company Bettys more than 40 years ago.' 

I interrupt this blog post by mentioning that Bettys Tea Rooms is a must go! GO.....NOW! 

The beans they use originate from Latin America and East Africa. The combination is a refreshing cup of zesty goodness! I love it and Taylors are correct; it does go well with cake..... and mince pies.....

and bourbon biscuits?! Absolutely gorgeous.

I only think it is fair to mention the other coffee in the picture; After Dark. A stronger (strength 5) coffee. The Indonesian, Latin American and African beans are roasted until they caramelise. It is a much darker roast with more depth and before reading the back of the packaging I took a big sniff and could capture the nutty, cocoa like aroma. This cup is more something that my partner would drink as he prefers his much stronger but I have to say it captivated me also. 

We have also tried the Brasilian coffee (my personal favourite) and Hot Lava Java (one of Sean's favourites)!

I really, really recommend these coffees. If you don't have a cafetiere they are well worth the investment! You can purchase a mini one cup one from some places as cheaply as £5! Our Pedrini is so much fun; we wanted one that would warm up slowly on the hob. This for me makes the lasting aroma of coffee in the kitchen stay that little bit longer!

So invest and enjoy the full range of Taylors' coffee; I know I will be!

Thank you for reading <3

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