Monday, May 11, 2015

So I think I may be a tad cocoNUTS!

So it occurs to me that everyone has an obsession with something; a favourite song, a film perhaps?Nope my obsession is sourcing natural beauty products...sometimes about as natural and raw as you can get...! 

I sometimes wonder what a cavewoman's skin complexion looked like under all that excess hair?!

Anyway, back to the blog...I have spoken to a lot of women recently about their skincare routine, specifically what they use to remove their make up. Up until about a year ago I only used make up wipes and now I steer clear!

Some girls have said to me they use:

Johnson's Baby oil?

Micellar Water?

Plain, perfume free soap?

Some have even said they just use warm water!

Well I have a new one for you all this evening. Actually, I fib. It's not new at all and i'm more than positive that plenty of women around the globe are doing the same thing.


Pure, unrefined coconut oil, which is like a hard wax until it warms.

I actually purchased this one from Ebay and I use it not just for removing my make up but for these reasons as well...

Dry patches - makes an awesome body butter alternative!

Hair Conditioner - mix a little with warm water and mask your hair in this for around 10 minutes before rinsing!

Scrub - Mix a little with sugar or sea salt depending on how course you want the scrub to be!

Cooking - it is superb when cooking chicken breasts, in curries or Thai food!

Smoothies - I made some absolutely gorgeous Pineapple and Banana smoothies the other weekend...add a dollop of this too for a PinaColada themed smoothie!

I cannot sell this stuff enough and I trade in make-up not Coconuts....

So before you think I have gone a little nuts, grab yourself a jar. It lasts ages, I think this one will keep me going for about 3 months!!

Try it out and let me know what you think,

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful evening <3

Love Scribbles xXx

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  1. I love coconut Oil! I use it for my hair :-)

    Melina from