Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Spa at home!

After a long day sometimes the only remedy for me is a long, relaxing soak in the bath followed by a mini pamper session! I love that there are so many products on the market that we can achieve this so easily and at affordable prices too.

One of my favourite all time brands is Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden, whose products can be found in Boots stores all over the UK! Aesthetically, what attracted me to the brand first of all was definitely the packaging! Bright, cheerful and classy these bottles definitely brighten up any bathroom or dresser! I also liked that Boots offered the full sized range and the smaller 'travel sized' option. I used the travel size ones first to test the products out! Saves you money!

So today I want to review the Luxury Bath Float and the Body Butter! The full sized products are only £10 each and I have to say that if you purchased these you would not be disappointed!

The bath float is fragrant but not overpowering and really relaxes both mind and soul! The most noticeable ingredients in this is Fresia flowers and moisturising properties of baobab and vitamin E! You can literally soak for as long as you want and you will still feel moisturised afterwards! It also bubbles up really nicely and you don't need that much each time!

Secondly, the body butter! If you're anything like me I LOVE to use body butter after a bath or a shower. It locks in moisture and can leave your body smelling so gorgeous perfume isn't necessary!! The body butter by Sanctuary Spa has won awards it is that good and I have to say I understand why. The main ingredient is sweet almond oil which is what gives your skin that smoothing, silky texture afterwards. I love how light it is and how quick it melts into the skin. You could definitely use this product in a hurry so there is no excuse not to moisturise! Some body butters out there are very thick, sticky and take ages to soak in and just sit on the skin. I don't think is good for your skin or your pores so look for a product like this that just melts away and leaves skin silky smooth!

Thank you for reading as always and please comment below if you have any good recommendations or if you have tried these products too!

Lots of Love

Sarah Scribbles!


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