Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm back... and I have a beauty review with me!

Wowzer! It has been a while, I know. As I sit here sheepishly trying to reconnect with my blog and my fellow bloggers, thoughts come flooding by of all the wonderful products that I've tried and tested since February.

Too many.

Far, far too many.

Now that I am moved in with the fella and settled I can get back on this and fully dedicate some time to sharing my thoughts with you all. More importantly though I have truly missed your blogs too and really really look forward to catching up on your posts too!

Today I want to talk to you about a neat little product I found for around £5.

L'oreal's Triple Active Nourish moisturiser for hydrating normal to very dry skin is fabulous. On first impressions the packaging is sophisticated with its pearly lid, white container and gold lettering! Not bad for a product I found in a supermarket...

Next, I always like to smell my moisturiser. This one is ever so slightly perfumed but it is not over powering. I find this a relief because more often than not the heavily perfumed moisturisers are the ones that affect my sensitive t-zone the most!

The consistency of the moisturiser is not too heavy, although it is thick. It's hard to describe but you know as soon as you dab a bit to your face that this is a decent moisturiser, not watery and going to work on difficult areas fast!

I have been using it for a few days now and it is really helping my forehead and cheeks combat the dryness I was suffering... I blame the British weather!!

Try it out, see if it works....and as always give me feedback!

Thank you for reading ladies,

Love Scribbles



  1. Sounds like a good moisturiser to try, my skin gets really dry with this weather too!

    1. Mine can be a nightmare at times but when I do have good days I appreciate them more! :)

      Thank you for reading xx

  2. I always use mosturizer especially with this weather. I use different brands, but prefer the one from Crabtree and Evelyn! :)

    1. Which product do you use from Crabtree and Evelyn if you don't mind me asking? I have only ever used their perfumes so I would be keen to try anything else!

      Thanks for reading my post; feel free to share yours with me!

      Sarah x

  3. Looks nice and creamy, will definitely be a good one for dry skin. Mine is super oily though, so maybe not for me. Xo

    1. I would say this one is perhaps not suitable for you. I sometimes find my chin area can be quite oily so I will eithernot moisturise that area as much OR I will use a different product. This one I found was fantastic for my cheeks and t-zone though as they are the parts of my face most affected by the weather. Thank you for popping by :) xx